Welcome to the 2024 BTS
One & Done League Registration

This year we've partnered with one of our BTS Members to bring you an exceptional experience that will no doubt be an improvement over spreadsheets and guesswork.

See below for how to play, and email community@golfersjournal.com with any questions

How To Play:

How do I confirm my spot?

Send your $110 entry fee via the BTS website!

Pay your entry


How do I submit a pick?

From the Dashboard, select ‘View Tournament’ under that week’s tournament name. Then select one golfer for that week. You may only use each golfer once.

What is the deadline to submit picks?

Golfers will remain available to select until their scheduled Round 1 tee time each week.

What if my chosen player does not complete his first two rounds?

If your player is removed from the field before Round 1, you will be able to select a replacement. If your player gets injured, DQ’d, or withdraws after teeing off, it will be recorded as a missed cut.

Payout Structure

Weekly winners: 1% of the total pot will go to anyone who selects a weekly winner. If more than one person selects the winner, they will split that payout evenly.

Segment winners: 7% of the total pot will go to the winners of each segment (Winter, Spring, and Summer).

Season-long winners: The remaining pot will go to the top 3 season-long performers. 1st place will receive 50% of the remaining pot, 2nd place will receive 35%, 3rd place will receive 15%.

Segment and season-long winners are calculated based on the total PGA Tour earnings of a player’s picks during the weeks those picks were used

Season Segment Breakdown:
  • Segment 1: Sentry through Players
  • Segment 2: Valspar through US Open
  • Segment 3: Travelers through BMW
Can I sign up after the Tournament of Champions?

Players will be able to join after the start of the season, but will be prohibited from selecting the most-picked golfer from each prior tournament.


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